Beret for Sale – Cash Only

I recently read a blog post announcing that I should accept the fact that no one is going to pay me to write, so I might as well give up my creative dreams. The writer’s disillusionment made me sad. 

I’ve thought a lot about that blog post and its underlying negative message — that creating art for art’s sake is a waste of our time. Should money be the artist’s sole object? What about beauty? Or fun? Is art only valuable if it generates income?

I don’t care if no one will pay me to write. I’m going to write anyway because writing makes me happy. Not only does writing make me happy, it makes my soul sing. And a happy, singing soul counts for a lot, doesn’t it? Maybe it will even make my writing better — maybe one day I’ll write a masterpiece. Then, who knows, maybe someone might pay me for it. But I’m pretty sure that giving up right now, or scouring the internet, trying to imitate what others have sold isn’t going to get me very far…

I’m not quite sure why, as a culture, we have come to fear following our bliss. Why we continue to allow the elimination of art and music from our children’s schools. Maybe it’s easier to control people who no longer think creative thoughts. Whatever the reason, I don’t think we should surrender our creativity. I believe we should take our blank canvases, our blank pages, our blank songs — listen to those faint whispers of intuition — and create… 


6 Comments on “Beret for Sale – Cash Only

  1. You are spot on! So many have asked me why I want to take so many photos, or why don’t I sell my photos, or why do I scrapbook, or why do I love to look for new hosta plants. Why does anyone do anything? Because we find pleasure in it and it gives us a sense of satisfaction. When I first put my website together, people said why, why, why? Isn’t it too much trouble? I guess it was because it was an easy way to answer people’s questions, show some photos that really pleased me but even more so, it was a whole new ‘thing’ for me and really stimulated my mind. I think as we age, that is an important issue….. expanding the mind….. being open to challenges.

      • Thank you, Maxine! I always wished I could paint. I can’t. But I do try to make my photographs look like paintings. I guess what’s important is getting out there and doing what we love…

    • Thank you, Laurena!! I’ve just had a look at your website — LOVE your lion and other Kenya photos. It makes me happy to see that you’re YOU, an original — not an imitation of anyone else. Am looking forward to following your adventures…

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