Tiger Photography

Tigers. There aren’t many left in the wild, so for those of us who love to photograph them, there are few alternatives to snapping away at our local zoo. Tigers in zoos are sad creatures, pacing restlessly in cages or sleeping off their boredom. Worldwide, far more tigers live in captivity than in the wild and the future of the wild tiger looks grim indeed.

I’m happy to say that I’ve just finished a three-day tiger photo safari at John Varty’s “Tiger Canyons” in South Africa and here are some of the results. Twenty lucky tigers live in what is surely tiger heaven. They hunt their own food, they have territories which they patrol and mark religiously, they mate and produce litters of cubs — and yes, sometimes they fight. They’re tigers and they’re magnificent. I hope you enjoy the photos…


Sariska, a male tiger.P1180136-2a

cubs playing

playing in the mud




Tiger Canyons, South Africa

Tiger Canyons, South Africa

19 Comments on “Tiger Photography

  1. I’m so happy you’re able to explore in depth your love of animal photograpy and we are able to share it.

    • Thank you for your questions. The plan is to release tigers into their native habitat in Asia — if the day ever comes when they are safe from poaching and trophy-hunting and habitat destruction. That day may be a long way off, unfortunately. There is always a lively debate about who would be the top predator — the tiger or the lion. They hunt differently — lions hunt cooperatively, which makes them dangerous and Africa’s top predator. But the tiger is a pretty lethal hunter that uses stalking and ambush. Most people think that the tiger would be at the top of the pyramid, though I’m sure it would depend on the individual circumstances.

      • Thanks for the info. Here I’ve just read an article that the Spanish government are asking the European Commission to hunt wolves again. The Iberian wolf is protected. It’s claimed farmers are being paid too much money in damages. Top predators are dangerous and I guess it needs a lot of local support to ensure these animals can survive in the wild.

    • Thank you! I’m happy you liked the posts. And thank you for the link to your discussion forum. I’ll visit…

      • India, We have heard that JV, is going to introduce Lion in Tiger Canyons. Is it right news ? I think it is not right decision to put two big cats of same caliber to share common resources.

      • As far as I know, JV has no plans to introduce lions. There are 4 cheetahs at Tiger Canyons, but they are in a completely separate area, not sharing space with the tigers. There will be some hippos introduced soon, but that’s all I’m aware of. Thanks for writing…

  2. This is what healthy tigers look like. Magnificent creatures. Photos that do them justice.

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