Arctic Photography

I woke up to find a very large polar bear asleep in a snow drift outside my window. This was my first morning in Churchill, Canada, and all through the previous night a blizzard had raged, shaking our walls and rattling our nerves. By morning, however, all was calm. I was so surprised to see this massive polar bear curled up in the snow that I completely ignored my camera. Instead of taking photos, I sat up and watched the sleeping bear — and felt happy. I was happy to be in this land of ice and snow, happy to realize that I hadn’t travelled halfway around the world for nothing — and especially happy that a polar bear trusted humans enough to nap right alongside us.

That was the start of a week filled with magic. I happily shot thousands of pictures trying to capture that magic. I hope you enjoy these images.


P1250350a P1230669-2a P1250193a P1240461a P1240878aP1240142a P1240283a P1240796-3a P1230876a P1030132a

4 Comments on “Arctic Photography

  1. India, these photos are breathtaking! What an incredible experience you must have had. I’m so glad you got to see the northern lights too. I was in Churchill in March a few years ago … northern lights but no polar bears. Also on my Churchill wish list is kayaking with beluga whales. So much fascinating wildlife and natural beauty in this isolated spot.

    • Thank you so much, Kathleen! Yes, Churchill is a very special place (I love that there’s no road access) and kayaking with beluga whales would be an incredible experience. Thanks for writing!

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